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We Increased Their Sales In 45%: A Case About a Tax Extension Company

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* Due to confidentiality matters, the logo and original name of the brand have been altered.

The Client

Every year, from early February to mid-April, U.S. taxpayers face the daunting season of tax returns.

Amidst the hustle, many find themselves seeking extensions, a six-month reprieve on filing, though not on payment. In this critical period, specialized companies become invaluable.

Our client stands out in this niche, offering not just assistance in securing tax extensions but also a suite of services designed to simplify the complexities of tax regulations. Their comprehensive approach alleviates the stress and confusion surrounding tax season, making them a trusted partner for countless taxpayers.


When we embarked on our partnership at the start of 2022, the company was navigating through a maze of challenges.

Their strategy was unfocused, revenue tracking across various domains was fragmented, and the effectiveness of their diverse assets and funnel designs was unmeasured. All these hurdles were compounded by the narrow timeframe of the Tax Return Season to market their services.

They were caught in a cycle of directionless numbers, unquantified funnels, and unprofitable campaigns—a situation demanding a transformative approach.

The Turning Point.

Deciding to bring Yangflow on board marked a pivotal moment for the company. As a provider of digital solutions adept at navigating complex challenges with advanced strategies, Yangflow was the perfect fit. Together, we crafted a blueprint for success, leading to enthusiastic approval from the client.

Our collaboration brought about transformative changes:


Innovative Funnels: Introduction of new funnels featuring varied offers, assets, and enhanced copywriting.


Comprehensive Evaluation: Overhaul of domain assessments and media platforms, upgrading to a modernized, efficient tracking system.


User-Centric Systems: Deployment of an intuitive internal system for seamless management of offers, popups, and pricing within funnels.


Real-Time Dashboard: Development of a dashboard for instant access to domain data, integrated with major ad platforms for up-to-date cost analysis and custom alerts.


Machine Learning Dynamics: Implementation of a dynamic system that tailors funnel experiences based on ad click specifics, ensuring a unique journey for each user.

This strategic overhaul not only optimized operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced user engagement and conversion metrics.


Throughout our transformative journey with the company, we celebrated numerous victories that transcended mere profit gains.

These achievements marked a comprehensive enhancement across various departments - from accounting and media buying to quality assurance. Here are the highlights:


Performance Metrics:  Our revamped ads and funnels led to a remarkable uplift in CTR and CPA, in some instances achieving a staggering 73.22% improvement.


Revenue Accuracy: We achieved near-perfect alignment between sales revenue and our internal systems, with discrepancies narrowed to under 10%.


Data Reliability for Aggressive Bidding: Media buyers gained the confidence to bid more aggressively, underpinned by trustworthy data.


Insightful Real-Time Data: Customized charts provided the team with actionable insights, enhancing campaign strategies.


Streamlined Processes: We documented and organized processes clearly, simplifying understanding and implementation across the board.


Profit Growth: Notably, the company saw a significant profit (xx%) increase in 2022 compared to 2021, marking a milestone in their financial performance.

Dive into a digital transformation odyssey with us. Our pioneering solutions aim to not just enhance your digital presence but offer a comprehensive, 360-degree strategy, scrutinizing every facet of your business for potential enhancements.

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