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The Client

The Taylor Method, conceived by Eszylfie Taylor, stands at the forefront of sales training for insurance and financial services professionals.

This cutting-edge program is redefining the sales landscape, focusing on an objection-free sales process and shifting from product selling to problem-solving.

It encompasses a comprehensive curriculum covering critical sales cycle phases: The Approach, The Fact Find, The Opportunity, and The Close.

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The Taylor Method, despite its innovative approach, faced challenges in a saturated market.

The program needed a robust marketing strategy to distinguish itself and effectively communicate its unique value proposition. Their journey involved navigating a competitive industry, understanding their target market, and establishing a strong, recognizable brand.

Identifying unexplored market opportunities and developing a compelling messaging strategy were essential for the Taylor Method to make its mark in the sales training domain.

The Turning Point.

They sought expert guidance in branding and market strategy, opting for a partner known for deep market expertise and a history of delivering innovative, research-driven solutions.

The Taylor Method's collaboration with Yangflow was driven by our deep understanding of the market and our track record in delivering effective solutions.

Our in-depth benchmarking, gap analysis in competitor offerings, and creative problem-solving skills resonated with their vision.

Our research-driven approach and ability to create bespoke marketing strategies played a pivotal role in their decision.


The transformation journey with the Taylor Method was groundbreaking.

We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, which included a thorough benchmark analysis, identification of gaps in competitor strategies, and the creation of unique opportunities and products.

We also established precise pricing strategies, optimized SEO, and high-performance landing pages, propelling the Taylor Method as a leading brand in its niche.

Post our intervention, the Taylor Method emerged as a robust brand with a diverse product portfolio.

Our meticulous research defined the correct personas and constructed high-performance funnels, positioning the Taylor Method as a dominant force in the sales training sector.

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Experience the transformative power of Yangflow's strategic marketing expertise, just as the Taylor Method did. Our unique approach to market analysis and brand positioning can elevate your brand to new heights.

Connect with us for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can turn your vision into a thriving digital reality.


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