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From Advanced Tools to Unprecedented ROI: Reach Global Media's Digital Marketing Mastery

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The Client

Reach Global Media stands out in the digital marketing realm, focusing on advanced advertising techniques and creative strategy to deliver scalable buyer-centric solutions.

It's renowned for optimizing ads for algorithmic efficiency, achieving scalable campaign success even as acquisition costs rise. This effectiveness was spotlighted by Facebook™ in a case study, showcasing  Reach Global Media achievement of $4.3 million in sales from Facebook traffic with a remarkable 500% ROI over 14 months.

Reach Global Media methodology not only bolsters brand visibility and market share but also cultivates a dedicated customer base, establishing it as a model of digital marketing success.


Reach Global Media, known for its media buying expertise, acknowledges the need for improvement in tracking.

With challenges such as mismatched client numbers, missing data, and insufficient documentation, there's significant potential to enhance client efficiency and, consequently, profits.

Addressing these tracking issues could streamline operations and optimize results for both Reach Global Media and its clients, reinforcing its position as a leader in digital marketing innovation.

The Turning Point.

Acknowledging a critical need for enhancement in tracking, Reacg Global Media engaged our expertise to refine their tracking and internal technology infrastructure. Our objectives were not only to reconcile data discrepancies but also to pioneer advanced tech tools for ad campaign enhancement.

Here’s how we approached the challenge:


Documented all client tracking systems to establish a baseline for improvement.


Developed flows and processes to streamline tracking methodologies.


Implemented comprehensive tracking plans for detailed data capture.


Automated reporting mechanisms to enhance efficiency and accuracy.


Initiated integrations with key platforms such as Clickbank, Digistore 24, Thrivecart, Clickfunnels, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads (work in progress), to centralize and simplify campaign management.


Resolved complex tracking issues that hindered performance measurement.


Trained the internal team on advanced reporting and tracking techniques.


Provided dedicated support to clients and their teams to ensure seamless implementation and optimization

This multi-faceted approach not only aimed to rectify existing discrepancies but also set a new benchmark in ad campaign management and optimization within RGM.


As our work with Reach Global Media progresses, we're witnessing notable improvements both internally and among their clientele.

Key achievements include enhanced tracking documentation and organization, reduced discrepancies across tools, improved data quality across platforms, better report comprehension among teams and clients, and ultimately, improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for their advertising campaigns. This ongoing revolution marks a significant step forward in operational efficiency and campaign performance.

Embark on a journey of digital reinvention with us. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to not only unleash your technological and analytical capabilities but also to provide a holistic, all-encompassing strategy that examines every aspect of your business for improvement opportunities.

Schedule a consultation today to discover how we can drive your business towards unparalleled digital dominance, reshaping it from the core to the surface.

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