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The Client

Mindfulness Exercises is an extensive resource dedicated to fostering mindfulness and meditation practices.

They offer a wide array of tools including guided meditations, worksheets, audios sessions, and comprehensive online courses.

It caters to both individuals seeking personal growth and professionals integrating mindfulness into various environments. The platform also features certification programs for mindfulness teachers, a customizable teaching curriculum, and a wealth of professional resources.

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While Mindfulness Exercises had a wealth of content and a loyal user base, they struggled to unlock new revenue potential.

The challenge was to innovate and implement a marketing strategy that not only leveraged their existing assets but also attracted a fresh wave of customers.

The Turning Point.

Mindfulness Exercises realized that traditional marketing methods weren't sufficient to tap into their full potential.

They needed a partner who could think outside the box and who had a proven track record of innovative, result-driven marketing solutions. This is where Yangflow's unique approach caught their attention.

Yangflow's reputation for leveraging cutting-edge strategies, understanding niche markets, and crafting bespoke solutions that go beyond conventional tactics made them the ideal choice for Mindfulness Exercises.

This strategic decision was rooted in the desire to not just compete, but lead in their industry by adopting a marketing approach that was as innovative as their services.


The implementation of Yangflow's strategy yielded unprecedented results.

Within a mere 7 days, Mindfulness Exercises witnessed their second-highest monthly revenue in their history, getting close to $200,000. This milestone was a direct outcome of the targeted marketing tactics and resonant communication strategy.

Additionally, our marketing strategy map uncovered the potential for a new community product. We led the design and development of this community offering, integrating it seamlessly into the Circle platform, thereby expanding the reach and impact of Mindfulness Exercises.

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