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The Client

A well-known International Digital Agency in the US has established a secondary operation in healthcare outsourcing solutions.

We saw an opportunity to evolve, transforming this service into a standalone brand, thanks to its reputation for excellence and growing demand. This case study explores how collaboration with Yangflow assisted in this bussiness development.

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Initially, this service was just a side hustle within a marketing firm, but it was quickly gaining traction.

Recognizing the market's potential, they considered developing an MVP to promote this service. However, because they were so close to the project, their vision was somewhat myopic, and they sought an external perspective to validate and broaden their horizon with a full-branding/marketing project.

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The Turning Point.

Arvios chose Yangflow for its ability to provide new, detailed insights, which is critical for building a brand and expanding their services.

At this pivotal juncture, Arvios chose to partner with Yangflow. They were drawn to Yangflow’s unique approach, promising a fresh outlook on the industry and detailed mapping of opportunities through innovative mandalas. Arvios chose Yangflow for its ability to provide new, detailed insights, which is critical for building a brand and expanding their services.

Yangflow stands out for its proprietary methodology and innovative approach, which promises to improve creative flow and market understanding.


Yangflow significantly transformed what began as an MVP project.

Yangflow's in-depth research, analysis and data revealed a much larger market opportunity than was previously thought. Arvios was inspired by this realization to turn the MVP concept into an entirely new company. Yangflow's branding map was instrumental in assisting Arvios in determining its brand voice, personality, positioning, color palette, and other aspects.

After collaborating with us, Arvios emerged as a strong, well-positioned brand in the healthcare outsourcing market. Along with a strong marketing plan that included a sophisticated website, targeted ads, and high-quality promotional materials, we've also created an appealing visual identity for Arvios. This transformation established Arvios as a strong competitor, capable of competing with the industry's big dogs.

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If your company, like Arvios, is ready to turn a vision into a reality, contact Yangflow. Our distinct and collaborative approach to marketing and branding could be the driving force behind your success.

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